Fujiiryoki started as a beauty-oriented and health-related manufacturer, and in 1954 was the first in the world to mass produce massage chairs.
The company has disseminated this unique “Japanese massage chair culture” from Japan to the world, and has contributed to lifestyle improvement and health management for many people.
Since its foundation, Fujiiryoki has always developed products that respond to customer needs and is now developing a wide range of products that are certified as medical devices for home use,
such as its key products: massage chairs and electrolyzed hydrogen water generators.

  • Company Name
    April 1965
    30 million yen
    Johnson Health Tech Group (Listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange) 100%
    Number of Employees
    769 (as of December 2022)
    Head Office Location
    14F, OE BLDG, 1-22, Noninbashi
    1-chome, Chuo-ku, Osaka,
    540-0011, Japan
    Tel: 81-6-4793-0611
  • Representative Director
    Alex WU
    Jumpei MORI
    Seiji YASUNAGA
    Outside Director
    Makoto SHIMOKAWA
    Outside Director, Audit and Supervisory Committee Member (Full-time)
    Koji KAMINO
    Outside Director, Audit and Supervisory Committee Member
    Motoharu IYOMASA
    Outside Director, Audit and Supervisory Committee Member
    Yumiko TERADA
  • Executive Vice President
    Jumpei MORI
    Executive Officer
    Tomoji NAGASAKA
    Executive Officer
    Sean KAO
    Executive Officer
    Ryusuke TANAKA
    Executive Officer
    Koji KISHI
    Executive Officer
    Tatsuya AMACHO
  • 1954

    • ・Establishes Fuji Seisakusho in Hannancho, Abeno-ku, Osaka City, to produce health care equipment
    • ・Develops the first wooden massage chair
  • 1960

    • ・Develops the industry’s first 4-ball massage chair
  • 1965

    • ・Reorganizes the company as a corporate body under the name “Kabushikigaisha Fujiiryoki”
    • ・Moves the head office and factory to Sugimotocho, Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka City
    • ・Patents the Fujiiryoki Massage Chair’s “tapping” massage method in the U.S. and obtains exclusivity rights in said country
  • 1971

    • ・Builds and puts the Sakai Factory into operation
  • 1989

    • ・Releases the alkaline water ionizer Trevi FW-5000
  • 1993

    • ・Releases the bedding-type massager Yumegokochi AR-7100(G), which uses airbags
  • 1995

    • ・Releases the Air Massage Chair Royal Chair MC-133, the first massage chair in the industry that only uses airbags
  • 2001

    • ・Releases the Massage Chair CYBER-Relax AS-001 with a 3D point navigation system
  • 2003

    • ・Wins a Good Design Special Award for the Massage Chair CYBER-Relax S.O. AS-878-series
  • 2004

    • ・Wins a Good Design Award for the Massage Chair CYBER-Relax AS-800-series
    • ・Reaches the 50th anniversary of the company’s foundation
  • 2005

    • ・Obtains ISO13485:2003 certification, which is an international standard for “quality management systems for health care equipment”
  • 2008

    • ・Moves the head office to the current location
    • ・Opens the Tokyo Showroom
  • 2009

    • ・Completes the Osaka Factory and a new office building in Taishicho, Minamikawachi-gun, Osaka Prefecture
  • 2010

    • ・Wins a Good Design Award for the Massage Chair KN-10/KN-15 KEN OKUYAMA Model
  • 2013

    • ・Wins a Good Design Award for the Massage Chair CYBER-RELAX AS-960
  • 2014

    • ・Reaches the 60th anniversary of the company’s foundation
    • ・Becomes a group company of Asahi Holdings, Inc.
    • ・Receives Mechanical Engineering Heritage No. 68 certification from the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineer for the Fuji Automatic Massage Machine
  • 2015

    • ・Releases the Massage Chair CYBER-RELAX AS-1000

  • 2016

    • ・Releases the Low-style Massage Chair H AS-LS1
    • ・Releases the Auto Core Training FF-100
  • 2020

    • ・Johnson Health Tech. Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Taiwan) has acquired 60% of FUJIIRYOKI share from Asahi Holdings, will continue operations as a joint venture company.
  • 2022

    • ・Johnson Health Tech. Co., Ltd. has acquired the rest of 40% FUJIIRYOKI share from Asahi Holdings.