The history of massage chairs is the history of Fujiiryoki.


World’s first
massage chair

Mechanical Engineering Heritage No. 68
Fuji Automatic Massage Machine
The First Fujiiryoki massage chair

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30-minute courses
Shoulder air massage
3D point navigation system
Air massage
Rolling massage
Automatic switching of kneading and tapping

Dawning period

Nascent period

Establishment period

Development period

Certified as Mechanical Engineering Heritage by
The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers

"Origin" of massage chair
The first machine
FUJIIRYOKI automatic
massage machine

1954 World first mass-produced massage chair was born in Osaka, Japan.
2014 Designated officially as "Mechanical Engineering Heritage"

In 1954, the world first mass-produced massage chair was developed by FUJIIRYOKI.

FUJIIRYOKI was founded in 1954. Late Nobuo Fujimoto who was the founder and opened "Fujiiryoki Workshop" in Hannamancho, Abeno-ku, Osaka City and this was the beginning. At that time, many Japanese people had gone to public baths in the town.
Fujimoto who was selling scrub brush to wash tiles in public baths thought whether he could do something in the dressing room where people gather and relax for healing the fatigue of the day and he started to develop massage chair.

Early prototypes were made from "mountain of garbage". After trying to assemble from the materials such as woods, baseball softballs, bicycle chains, car handlles many times, the world first mass-produced massage chair "the first machine, FUJIIRYOKI Automatic Massage Machine" was finally completed in 1954.

Only a "knead" massage function was equipped and it is a simple mechanism in which the massage balls move up and down by turning the handle that is placed on the side. It broke down the traditonal idea of "tapping, kneading by human hands or tools" and became revolutionary product like "the machine massage by just sitting on the chair."

Massage chairs have become popular from public baths, hot-spring inn to home and the world to keep supporting people's health.
The first machine is the origin of massage chair.

The first mass-produced massage chair
"FUJIIRYOKI automatic massage chair"
The founder Nobuo Fujimoto
ON/OFF button
Internal mechanism

Certified as Mechanical Engineering Heritage in August 7, 2014.

The first massage chair of FUJIIRYOKI is a symbolic presence as a roots of a massage chair, and it was certified as "Machinery Heritage No. 68" as being a valuable cultural heritage with historical significance in August 7, 2014.

Certification of Mechanical Engineering Heritage is that the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers certify it as "Mechanical Engineering Heritage" which has historical significance in terms of mechanical engineering in Japan. We will save the historical machine technology heritage carefully for the purpose of being trasmitted to the next generation as cultural heritage.

Website: The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers "Mechanical Engineering Heritage"

Introduction of the function of the first machine.

  • "ON/OFF" button
    on the left side
  • Wooden made outer materials
  • A handle for moving up and down the knead balls is on the right side.
  • Internal mechanism filled with ideas and contraption
  • Massage with 2 knead balls


Dimension W710 x L870 x H1,300(mm)
Weight 64kg
Movement Kneading
Outer materials Wood
Materials of knead balls Urethan
Current storage location Osaka factory of FUJIIRYOKI(non-disclosure)