These are innovations that arise from tradition.

Fujiiryoki’s flagship model : The Massage Chair JP-1000

Made in Japan



This is the massage chair of Japan.
This flagship model, which is the result of a synergy
of all of Fujiiryoki’s technologies, is now here.

With a 60–year history as a pioneer of massage chairs.

Technologies that have been developed over many years: Now reaching another new area.

The company constantly adopts new innovative technologies for mecha massage,

which is the main basis of any massage chair, air massage, sensors that optimize the points and strength of kneading,

and support functions including heaters and stretching, all to pursue massage functionality.

The king of massage chairs: through the fusion of tradition and innovation.

from Fujiiryoki: A flagship model being born that leads the next generation.

Largest in the industry

Deep Kiwami Mecha Pro

The largest protrusion of knead balls in the industry (approximately 12.5 cm) target the deeper layers of muscles.

最大突出能力 約12.5cm

Industry first

Double sensing

Two sensors optimize the depth and points of the massage.


detects the shape
of the spine

the depth
of the massage


detects the position
of the shoulders

the points
of the massage

Most numerous in the industry

Adjustment of strength according to 12 levels

Users can select a suitable strength according to the stiffness that they are feeling on each day.


Industry first

Deep-layer approach technique

Seven types of new kneading techniques that work on deep muscles that bear
a high degree of stiffness

Top class in the industry

41 types
85 various kneading techniques

Neck, Shoulders, Back, Waist, Hips various techniques are utilized for and dedicated to each region.


Featuring the industry’s largest protrusion of knead balls and the industry’s first double sensor.

To relieve severe stiffness specific to people of the present age, the largest protrusion of knead balls in the industry (approximately 12.5 cm) target the deeper layers of muscles. In addition, two sensors are used to simultaneously detect the shape of the spine and the position of the shoulders so as to optimize the depth and points of massage. Two knead balls drive up/down, left/right, and front/back, and the duration is also closely controlled. The mecha unit uses innovative power and techniques to capture deep layers of stiffness more deeply and delicately.

Industry first

air system

The newly installed "hand kneading mode" recreates the power and vibrancy of hand massage.

Hand kneading mode <New>

Pulse mode

Normal mode

Air massage

Installed with a function that adjusts the strength for each region. 34 airbags enshroud the entire body and pleasantly release tiredness.

Shoulder massage

Five-level strength adjustment

Arm massage

Three-level strength adjustment

Waist/pelvis massage

Five-level strength adjustment

Leg/foot sole massage

Five-level strength adjustment

New calf massage


The amount and timing of air supply is controlled so as to reproduce the flexibility of hand massage.

Air massage is based on the repetition of pressing and releasing. To reproduce the power and flexibility of the hand massage of a professional masseuse, a certain pace was required, in addition to the amount and timing of air supply. In leading the industry, Fujiiryoki installed a flow rate adjustment function that freely controls the flow rate of air. One airbag inflates quickly and instantaneously, while another one inflates slowly and gradually. Airbags with powerful movements that gives unprecedented pressure.

An almost flat sleeping position is achieved due to the unique frame structure. Even for a long massage, you can relax and allow your body to "give" itself to the massage.

Hold position

An ideal massage position is automatically set.

Fitting footrest

Fits nicely
to each
user’s legs


High-quality sleeping position for optimizing the feeling of comfort.
Loosens up the entire body so as to relax and ignite the body’s ability to "feel" the massage.


Two types of heaters warm up the areas around the shoulder blades, which tend to stiffen,
and the soles of the feet, which tend to get cold.

Shoulder blade heaters

Experience the luxury of a warm massage.

Foot sole heaters

These parts tend to be cold, thus they are targeted for warming up.

Note: Use of the heater only is also possible.
Note: Specified temperature of approx. 43°C (The specified temperature and the effective temperature are not the same.)

Region intensive stretch

Foot stretch

Swing stretch function

The backrest and the leg part move
up and down in tandem.


A new way to loosen and relax muscles.
Various new stretches that increase massage effectiveness.

Full-color touch panel remote control

Advanced design that features both operability and the feel of luxury

Operability is pursued due to the vivid-color display and user-friendly menu interface.

Normal mode

One-touch mode

  • This one-touch mode enables the simple operation
    of all main functions!
  • An English menu is available.

Most numerous in the industry

21 types of auto courses

Fully enjoy the highest levels of comfort.

30-minute pro courses

  • Massaging the whole
    body intensively

    VIP course

  • Delivering unique comfort

    "Massage sommelier" courses

  • Stretching the whole
    body carefully and thoroughly

    Slow Stretch

  • Caring for the whole
    body via air massage


16-minute courses

  • Whole body courses

    • Kiwami Rejuvenation
    • Rejuvenation
    • Refresh
    • Relax
    • Soft
  • Neck/shoulder courses

    • Kiwami Rejuvenation
    • Rejuvenation
    • Refresh
    • Relax
  • Waist courses

    • Kiwami Rejuvenation
    • Rejuvenation
    • Refresh
    • Relax
  • Stretch courses

    • Kiwami Whole Body Stretch
    • Whole Body Stretch
    • Whole Body Air
  • Memory course

    You can customize all courses so as to create original courses.

Body part intensive massage

Seven-minute courses that intensively relieve stiffness and tiredness,
caused by lack of exercise, deskwork, etc., specific to the people of the present age.

  • For the tension of the nape
    and the stiffness of the neck

    Neck intensive

  • Intensive massage on the top of the shoulders

    Shoulder intensive

  • For the tension and tiredness
    of the shoulder blades

    Shoulder blade

  • For the tiredness of the waist

    Waist intensive

  • For the easily fatigued
    buttocks area

    Sciatic intensive

Menus recommended based on the experience
of "massage chair sommeliers"

Beige (CS)


Fits your home
and your life
Futuristic design
that pursues innovation

Brown (BR)



  • Main unit dimensions (approx.):
    (Footrest stored)
    W760 x D1,180 x H1,220 mm
    (When fully using the armrest and footrest)
    W880 x D2,000 x H700 mm
  • Minimum width before assembly (approx.):
    680 mm
  • Reclining angle (approx.):110–157°
  • Weight (approx.):74 kg
  • Power supply: AC100V~240V(50/60Hz)
    (varies from country to country)
  • Power consumption: 130 W (Heater: 40 W) (Standby power: 0.3 W)
  • Rated time: 30 minutes

Black x Beige (BC)

Beige (CS)

Brown (BR)

Detachable back pad and pillow

These can be easily removed and cleaned.


  • Carrying-in width: Main unit carrying-in width: A minimum of 68 cm + 2 cm (for covering) is required.
  • Installation: Place the massage chair on a level floor surface allowing space for reclining.At least 35 cm for the feet direction and 50 cm for the head direction are required.

Purpose of use or effects

An alternative for anma massage and other massage types; to be used at home;

to rejuvenate, to relieve muscle tiredness, to relieve neuralgia and muscular pain, to improve blood circulation, and to relieve muscle tension

Safety Precautions: Please read the Operation Manual before use. Please always use this product properly.

  • The following persons are strongly recommended not to use this product. Certain physical abnormalities may occur.
    Persons prohibited from receiving a massage by a medical physician(For example, those suffering from thrombosis, severe aneurysm, acute varicose veins, various kinds of dermatitis and skin infections [including inflammations of subcutaneous tissue], etc.)
  • The following persons must consult a medical physician before using this product, as certain physical abnormalities may occur.
    Persons using a medical electronic device embedded in the body such as a pacemaker susceptible to electromagnetic disturbances / Persons with malignant tumors / Persons that suffer from heart trouble / Persons that are pregnant or persons who have immediately undergone childbirth / Persons that suffer from paresthesia related to peripheral circulatory disturbances due to diabetes, etc. / Persons with wounds on their skin / Persons that require bed rest / Persons with body temperature exceeding 38°C (when strong acute inflammation symptoms, malaise, chills, blood pressure fluctuations are observed, when debilitated) / Persons that suffer from osteoporosis, spinal column fractures, or acute pains / Persons with abnormalities in the spine, or those whose spines are bent sideways / Persons suffering from inflammation such as sprains and muscle strains / Persons with herniated disks / Persons that are acknowledged to have a loss of thermal sensation / Persons that feel an abnormality in the body other than the above, or persons receiving medical treatment
  • Please do not allow use by unattended children or persons unable to control their own functions. Please do not allow infants near the chair.

The information above applies to the non-Japanese product version. For information on the Japanese product version, click here.