ELEDOG 14000



Equipped with potential therapy and low-frequency wave therapy in a stylish body

Two treatment functions with one unit. Can be used by switching


[Potential therapy function] Versatile function, simple operation

In potential therapy a certain amount of potential is given to the body
Use the product according to your physical condition.Unreasonable use may cause poor physical condition.
*Please note: Touching other people or objects (metallic) while the power is on energized, it may occur a painful stimulation.

Three waveforms to realize electrification treatment

Equipped with three waveforms for effective treatment at all times.Reduces habituation of the body with electrification treatment with changes.

Equipped with 1/f fluctuation waveform that automatically changes voltage

「1/f relax」is the rhythm that gives relax mood to human body such as the sound of wave, rushing creek. The rhythm of therapy can be changed By pressing 1/f button. ON/OFF is available with 1/f button.

It performs optimum and effective setting for user’s body condition or physical capacity.

The voltage strength is 4 levels: 1000Vp, 4500Vp, 9000Vp, 14000Vp and 3 waveforms, 4 levels of energizing time is 20 minutes, 40 minutes, 60 minutes, and 8 hours. If you are using for the first time, please start with a low voltage for a short time.


Potential therapy device is a treatment with less experience.
We use a detector to prevent you from forgetting that you are using the device or noticing the end of treatment.

4 courses with various treatment modes

(Easy, Fast, Comfortable, Manual)

New function to prevent habituation.

Equipped with a function for the purpose of prevention from body habituation that is brought by getting same treatment repeatedly. Most effective setting according to each user’s physical condition is available.
Only for manual course.

Select from 40, 60, 100Hz. (The number of vibration per second.)

・Offset ratio
Select from 45 : 55, 35 : 65, 25 : 75, which prevents habituation by changing the ratio of plus and minus.



Easy operation of just press the button next to the display while watching LCD.

Potential therapy Purpose of use or effects

Relief of headache, stiff shoulders, insomnia and chronic constipation. Home use only

Hypothesis of home use potential therapy device.
The effect that seems to affect the efficacy or effect is that because it is confirmed that the body hair shakes, stimulates the skin, and that the skin temperature rises when an electric field is applied to humans. It is thought that it stimulates sensory receptors that sense tactile sensation and pressure, and works on blood circulation and body regulation. This “action hypothesis” is a hypothesis of action obtained by an evaluation committee by medical, scientific and engineering experts based on the results of research on literature, etc., not an effect.
Source: Japan Home Health Equipment Association “Adequate Advertising and Display Guide for Home Medical Equipment III” 2011 edition


[Low-frequency wave therapy function] Gentle stimulation for pain or stiffness.
Easy to use low-frequency wave function.

The treatment that treats the affected area by providing a low-frequency current weaker than the skin surface.

5 automatic course settings corresponding to the characteristics of the affected area.

5 automatic course of Shoulder/Waist/Knee/Arm & Elbow/EMS+M.Current. Programs according to each affected area are preset.

Various kneading waveform that is output according to set course.

Automatic course is output from 8 kneading waveform of Wavelet/Tapping A, B/Knead A, B/Press/Vibration A, B according to the characteristic of affected area.

*Except for “EMS+M.Current” course

Low-frequency wave therapy device Purpose of use or effects

Relief of stiff shoulders, prevent paralyzed muscle atrophy and massage effect
(Improve blood circulation, recover from fatigue, relief of muscle pain and nerve pain, relief of muscle stiffness, relieve muscle fatigue).

Home use only.


Easy to operate at a touch of button while watching the screen.



Dimenssions(Approximately) <Main unit>
W390 x L340 x H145 (mm)
<Insulation mat>
W1,200 x L2,000 (mm)
<Energizing sheet>
W280 x L595 (mm)
Weight(Approximately) 7.8 kg
Power voltage AC100V(50/60Hz)
Length of power cord(Approximately) 3m
Length of the cord of energizing sheet(Approximately) 1.5 m
Medical device certification number 227AKBZX00119000(Managed medical device)
JAN code 4951704432122
Power consumption(Approximately) <Potential therapy device> Maximum 20W (When 14,000 Vp)
<Low-frequency wave therapy device> Maximum 20W (When 14,000 Vp)
Output voltage <Potential therapy device> 1,000 Vp, 4,500 Vp, 9,000 Vp, 14,000 Vp
Oscillation frequency(Approximately) <Low-frequency wave therapy device> Less than 1.2 KHz
Timer <Potential therapy device> 20, 40, 60(min), 8 hours
<Low-frequency wave therapy device> 15 minutes

Supplied accessories

1. Eergizing sheet/1set 2. Insulation mat/1set 3. Voltage detector with AA manganese batteries / 1 set 4. Power cord/1unit 5. Low-frequency cord/1unit 6. Low-frequency pad(4 in 1) / 1 unit

Consumable accessories

1. Eergizing sheet/1set    6. Low-frequency pad(4 in 1) / 1 unit

Optional accessories

7. Energizing sheet/Long type: W280 x L1,000 (mm)